About Julian

Julian is the face behind Moonshadow Makers Workshop. He has always been a creative and a storyteller with a passion for sharing knowledge. With a professional background in teaching, he has taught art at a charter school in Stockton, at the Walt Disney Family Museum, in after-school drawing classes, and at a fine arts summer camp.

Born in Chico, Julian grew up in the Sierra Foothills but regularly spent time visiting his grandparents in Chico. He moved to Chico from the Bay Area in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since in-person teaching was impossible at the time due to lockdowns and safety restrictions, he focused for the first time on marketing his own art and creations, leading to the creation of Moonshadow Makers Workshop.

When he’s not teaching or making art, Julian likes to read, write original fiction, drink a lot of tea, and spend time with his dog and family.

black and white illustration of the moon

About the Workshop

Moonshadow Makers Workshop began as an Etsy shop selling handmade books and bookmarks, originally named Octopages. Over the course of its first year of life, the shop evolved into something broader and more expansive. Our goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming community space for people of all ages to explore their creativity and learn new skills, or simply to find unique handmade gifts and treasures.

The workshop’s name was inspired by the song “Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens. This song is well-loved at Julian’s favorite fine arts camp, and it also embodies the spirit of optimism that is part of a healthy approach to making art. As artists and makers, we will inevitably face challenges and disappointments and it is so important to keep going, to learn from our mistakes, or even to celebrate them and work them into our art in creative ways.